Meet George Kefford:me

Hello, and thanks for visiting my website.

Here is a bit about me.
I was born in England, and moved to Germany when I was 3 years old. Following 6 years in Germany, I have reached Brisbane, Australia, where I am a Year 11 student.

I am interested in politics, international relations, history, economics and philosophy, and there will be articles on these topics for you to read. As a member of the Australian Conservatives, and the Conservative Party in the UK, it’s no surprise that I regard myself as a conservative.

Ink of Liberty’s ┬ánamesake come’s from my love of freedom. Freedom is the founding principle of western society, and finds its roots in the Judeo-Christian cultures we all enjoy today.

Aside from my interest in the politics, I also enjoy undertaking expeditions in the wilderness, and these adventures can be followed here

I only just started out, so there aren’t many articles ready to be viewed. I will try to publish at least one article per week.