Le président de la France: Emmanuel Macron

This week I woke up to the expected result of the French Election, Emmanuel Macron had thrashed Marine Le Pen. The cocky elitist beat the raged nativist. Upon hearing the result, I didn’t rejoice, nor did I cry. Another European federalist will lead France down the unrighteous path of ever closer union, and the damaging reality of uncontrolled immigration.


The French economy in recent years has been awful, over regulation of French industries has resulted in the GDP growth to drop to an awful 1.5%, and it has been like that for 5 years. Macron promises to free up the markets, to reduce taxation, reduce spending and balance the budget. It is all these things I praise him for, he is a classical liberal, a believer in freedom.

The media however has played him into a political new comer; a fresh breath of fresh air of a hopefully fresh France. Nothing could be further from the truth. Emmanuel Macron, however much his economic policies attract fiscal conservatives and economic liberalists, is a member of the elitist political establishment.

A former civil servant turned banker, Macron is the epitome of who the resurgent right has been fighting against: a cocky, smug, and arrogant middle-upper class private-schooled high priest of social justice and climate change. macron &ho

His fans praise him for standing up against the far right as if he is singing La Marseillaise on a 1944 Normandy beach, troops rushing past his side to take the fight to the Nazis. His critics see him as an elitist who has no regard for French sovereignty, and a bishop of EU supranationalism.

France has chosen their new leader, and that leader must unite France. I suspect Macron will need to please the Fillion voters who want serious EU reform, and speak out against the effect that uncontrolled immigration is having on France. If he doesn’t, Le Pen has the next one in the bag.


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