The UK Election: There is One Clear Choice.

The snap UK election is fast approaching. On the 8th June, the men and women of the United Kingdom will vote for the Prime Minister who will lead the UK through the Brexit process.

The main candidates are of course Theresa May (Con.) and Jeremy Counion jackrbyn (Lab.), the polls predict a conservative landslide, however 2016 has taught me not to trust polls, as they were wrong about Brexit and Trump, as well as the rise of the right-populist Australian party, ‘Pauline Hanson’s One Nation’.

Theresa May succeeded David Cameron as leader of the Conservative Party, and Prime Minister. Although a ‘remainer’ herself, she has shown commitment to honour the democratic decision of the people of the UK.

Brexit has given the United Kingdom to re-emerge as a prominent global power, rather than a member of a messy, protectionist, conglomerate of European states. In the modern day, where holding vast empires is not humane, nor practical; the economy of a state plays a significant role in cementing the global influence and power that the particular state possesses.

For a strong, stable, growing economy, the UK needs an outward looking Prime Minister, and this will best be delivered by Theresa May. The UK must spearhead negotiations for Commonwealth-wide free trade, so the UK can benefit mutually with countries such as Kenya (+5.9% GDP), Singapore (+2.9% GDP), Australia (+2.3% GDP), and Tanzania (+7.0% GDP).

These are countries we have strong historical connections to, and are in moral debts to. For Britain’s two World Wars in the 20th Century, soldiers from these countries fought for the ideals on which most of our countries are founded upon: freedom, common law, capitalism, and property rights.

Free trade will allow us all to get richer, and this will see a rise in living standards. Jeremy Corbyn wants to go down the protectionist path of socialism. Although this will make Britons more equal, it will also make us poorer, and more miserable.t. may

As Sir Winston Churchill explained,

“Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy. The inherent vice of capitalism is the uneven distribution of blessings; whereas the inherent virtue of socialism is the even division of misery.”

Theresa May, along with Trade Secretary David Davis, now have the opportunity, desire and if they win the election: the ability, to transform Britain from a member of a semi-protectionist bloc to a global hub of free trade.

But the election isn’t just between the Tories and Labour. Other major parties include the Liberal Democrats, UKIP, and the Scottish Nationalists.

The Liberal Democrats will be interesting, they are the only party that is commuted to represent the 48%, and stay in the single market; and following the referendum last, year, they received a spike in membership. Saying this, traditional voters are still disappointed with the actions of Nick Clegg as Deputy PM.

UKIP are going to be a redundant party soon. They have achieved their goal, and internally, the party is in a mess.

The Scottish Nationalists are whining for another independence referendum, even though the last one (3 years ago) was said to be a ‘once in a generation opportunity’. Either generations in Scotland are incredibly short, or Niclola Sturgeon is a vindictive, attention seeking fabricator.

There is only one candidate who is able to provide the strong and stable leadership that Britain so dearly needs in this negotiating process. It is either an outward looking Conservative Party, or a weak propped up progressive-left coalition of Labour-LibDem-SNP.

Vote Conservative on the 8th of June.


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